Lesson: Convert Decimals to Fractions

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Lesson Objective

convert decimals to percents

Lesson Plan




Student expected response

Do Now

(8:30 – 8:40)/(10:00 –10:10) 

·         Teacher walks around to greet students and check in with students about their do now and homework

·         Students complete 2 review/2 current unit problems independently

HW Check



Mental Math

(8:40 – 8:50) /(10:10 – 10:20)

·         Teacher reads and reveals a series of 6 problems – helping students to think of strategies to help students solve the problems

·         Teacher pulls sticks (cold call) to have students answer the questions

·         Students answer questions mentally, if stick is called they can answer and explain their answer choice.

Mini Lesson

(8:50 – 9:25)/(10:20 – 10:55)


·         As you know we said that this Unit was going to be about numbers that are not whole numbers – numbers that represent parts of a whole number or on a number line the numbers that fall between the whole numbers on the line.

·         So far we have looked at fraction representations of those numbers but today we are going to look at another type of representation for numbers that are between the number line – called decimals.

·         Take 30 secs to write down as many things as you can about decimals

·         Review student lists


·         Tell students that decimals are another way of writing fractions that have denominators of 10, 100, 1000, and other powers of ten. 

·         Show students a place value chart and review place values

·         Show students a square that is shaded 2/10.

·         Ask students what fraction is shaded in this picture?

·         Ask what are some other fractions that would be easy to show on this model?

·         Knowing our place value – can anyone think of a decimal that would represent this amount shaded?

·         Model – we can write any decimal easily as a fraction by thinking about how we say each decimal. 

·         Our first step is to read the decimal out loud --- for example à  0.05 is 5 hundredths.  Now I can write that as a fraction 5 is my numerator – 100 is my denominator.  The last step is to simply. 


·         Display models and ask students for decimal and fraction equivalents – use whiteboards

·         Display decimal ask for fraction equivalent


·         Students will complete worksheet on finding decimal and fraction equivalents with models.










Students will quick write what they think about when they hear the word decimal.







Students take notes on decimals.








3/10, 1/10, 4/10, 5/10…








Interim Review

(9:25 – 9:35)/(10:55 -11:05)

Division – 2 digit divisors – Compatible numbers


Skills Time

(9:35- 9:50) /(11:05-11:25)




Lesson Resources

HW Converting Fractions into Decimals   Homework


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