Lesson: Convert Fractions to Decimals/Identify Terminating and Repeating Decimals

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Lesson Objective

SWBAT convert fractions to decimals using division.

Lesson Plan



Student expected response

Do Now

(8:30 – 8:40)/(10:00 –10:10)

·         Teacher walks around to greet students and check in with students about their do now and homework

·         Students complete 2 review/2 current unit problems independently

HW Check




Mental Math

(8:40 – 8:50) /(10:10 – 10:20)

·         Teacher reads and reveals a series of 6 problems – helping students to think of strategies to help students solve the problems

·         Teacher pulls sticks (cold call) to have students answer the questions

·         Students answer questions mentally, if stick is called they can answer and explain their answer choice.

Mini Lesson

(8:50 – 9:25)/(10:20 – 10:55)


·         Along time ago we wrote several different ways to write multiplication, does anyone remember what those ways were?




·         Not only can multiplication be written in several different ways but so can division.

·         We are very familiar with some of the ways already: show a problem with a division box and a problem with a division symbol.  Another way we can write division is with a fraction bar.  Why do you think fractions and division are the same thing?

·         Today we are going to learn another way to convert fractions to decimals.  We already have some tools in our tool kit to do this so this will be just another way to help us move between these representations.

·         Model changing a decimal to a percent by dividing – be clear about how to say the problem and how to write it.

·         Model a fraction with a terminating decimal and one with the with a repeating decimal – ask students how I know it will keep repeating if it repeats.




·         Students will complete a couple of examples (one with a repeating decimal, one with a terminating decimal)


·         Students will convert fractions to decimals using division.



Interim Review

(9:25 – 9:35)/(10:55 -11:05)

Division – word problems - estimation


Skills Time

(9:35- 9:50) /(11:05-11:25)



Lesson Resources

CW Convert Fractions To Decimals  
HW Converting Fractions into Decimals  
HW Convert Fractions To Decimals  
Notes/Guided Practice Decimal Benchmarks   Notes
U5 L6 Between the Lines ConvertFractionstoDecimals  


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