Lesson: Equivalent Fractions

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SWBAT find equivalent fractions

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·         TPS – What is equivalence? What does it mean if two things are equivalent?

·         Today we are going to be talking about equivalence and how to find fractions that are named differently – we are just using different sized fractional parts to name the same amount.   They are different ways of saying the same number


·         Say “4/6 is equal to 2/3” Ask students if they believe this is true.  Thumbs up or thumbs down.  Tell students that they can use any method to prove or disprove me. 

·         Ask students to find 3 more true statements that show two equivalent fractions.  Show an example.  2/5 = 4/10




·         Teacher will ask students now that you have three true statements about fractions let’s examine our equations more thoroughly.  Knowing that we will not always have pieces to use (like on tests or in real life) we need to see if there are any relationships we can identify with equivalent fractions.  Take 4 minutes to look at the equations you wrote and see if you notice any relationships between the fractions.  If you find a relationship that works for all 3 of your statements – see if you can use the rule/relationship to find more equivalent fractions.  On the board guiding questions – Think about our last unit– is there a relationship between the two numerators/is their a relationship between the two denominators?  What is it?


·         Teacher will write down and listen to theories of students – what are some of the rules – does it work for any number following that rule – how can you prove it?


·         Teacher will summarize the rules for students – so we know that one way we can find equivalent fractions is to use fraction bars or models where the whole is the same and find amounts that are the same or equal.   As we explored more, we seemed to have developed another way that we can find equivalent fractions – we can multiply the top number and the bottom number by one to find an equivalent fraction



Equivalence is when two or more things are equal or represent the same thing



Students take notes – write aim and write definition for equivalent.






Students should show thumbs up – most will likely use their tile pieces to prove this statement.




Students will use fraction bars/circles to find three equivalent fraction statements












Students will work to develop a relationship between the


Students will likely notice that the numbers are multiples of each other – or multiples of another number. 



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U5 L1 Between the Lines Equivalent Fractions  


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