Lesson: Fact Triangles

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Lesson Objective

Students will solve multiplication facts using fact triangles

Lesson Plan

Do Now:
Direct students to complete the solve to fill in the missing product or factor  in their Math journals.  
a.       3 x ___ =6
b.      4 x ___ =12
c.       9 x 5 = ___
d.      8 x 4 =___
e.       6 x 6 = ___
Review the commutative property of multiplication
State objective.
Guided Practice
Demonstrate how to complete a triangular flash card by putting the two factors in two of the corners and the product in the other corner.
Independent Practice
  • Tell students to get with their buddy.  
  •   Explain to students what they are going to do while working with their buddy. 
  • Allow time for student to work with their partner doing the following:
  • Student to pairs, and ask each student to select three multiplication facts that he or she wants to work on. *You can also assign students facts that you know that they have yet to master. Also, be sure to have multiplication table posted to ensure that students write the correct factors and product in each triangle. 
  •  Have the students write multiplication fact on blank triangle template.
  • Distribute scissors to each student. 
  •  Allow students time to cut 6 triangles from triangle template sheets.
  • Ask them to make triangle fact cards for the facts they chose, then trade them with their partner.
  • Tell students to cover the product on one card with his or her thumb, show the card to the other student, and ask him or her to tell the product.
Ask: What strategies were you able to use in order to solve each fact?  Discuss. 

Lesson Resources

IP Fact Triangles Template   Activity


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