Lesson: Wh- Questions (Current Events) Level 2/3

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Lesson Objective

Students will read news articles on current events. Students will answer and create Wh-type questions based on the reading.

Lesson Plan

Introduction and Review

Attract student attention and activate prior knowledge by asking about current events.  Model the full grammar structure when students do not respond in full sentences.  For example:

  • Who did you see on TV this week?  (If the student answers “Madonna” recast it as “You saw Madonna on TV”)
  • What was he/she doing? 
  • Where is an important event happening this week?
  • When (is that important event)?
  • How often do you watch the news on TV?

The students’ ability to answer the questions can be used to informally assess whether or not they are capable of understanding the structure.  They do not need to be able to produce the structure at this time.

Explain that students will be reading some news articles and learning how to ask and answer questions about them. Students will later get to choose an article on a topic of their choice, and discuss with a friend.



Model the process of reading an article, answering questions, and forming new questions.

  1. Pass out the example organizer, “Superbowl” article and related worksheet and have students volunteer to read the article and questions aloud.  As students answer the questions verbally, write their answers on the board so they can write them on their worksheet.  Make sure students can identify the topic and write it at the top of their worksheet.
  2. Ask the students if they can think of any new questions we can ask, either about the article or the topic in general.  Again, write their questions on the board so they can write them down.


Guided Practice

Let students choose which article they would like to read, and give them the related worksheet that is pre-filled with some questions and answers for their article.  They will read article to themselves, identify the topic and write answers to the questions provided.  The worksheet will have blank questions and answers where they can create their own. Let students share some of their own questions and answers aloud before transitioning to the next part of the lesson.


Independent Practice

Tell the students to pair up with a student with a different article and read their partner’s article.  The students will interview each other by asking and answering two or three basic questions about their respective articles.



Let students share something they learned about their partners’ topics (the question asked, and the answer the partner gave).  Ask them to think of other situations (other classes, at home) where they ask these types of questions about things they read, see, or hear. Ask students to help you review what happened in the lesson and what they learned.



Let students choose a blank reading organizer.  Their homework will be to read, listen to or watch something about current events and fill out the sheet by writing and answering questions.  They will report back what they wrote and learned next class.

Lesson Resources

Sample Wh- Qs.pdf   Exemplar
03 Superbowl Article.pdf   Reading Passage
Superbowl Worksheet.pdf   Classwork
European Cold Snap Worksheet.pdf   Classwork
Facebook Article.pdf   Review
Facebook Worksheet.pdf   Classwork
European Cold Snap Article.pdf   Reading Passage
Republican Primary Article.pdf   Reading Passage
Republican Primary Worksheet.pdf   Classwork
Blank Wh- Worksheet.pdf  
Blank Wh- Star Worksheet.pdf  


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