Lesson: Mixed numbers and improper fractions

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Lesson Objective

SWBAT express mixed numbers as improper fractions and vice versa in order to show how to express fractions greater than 1

Lesson Plan

10 minutes

Daily Math Review (Warm-Up/ Do Now)

Write each fraction in simplest form.

1.       12/20

2.       15/18

3.       45/60

        4.   20/48

5 minutes

Math Vocabulary

Improper Fraction: has a numerator that is greater than or equal to its denominator.

Mixed Number: is the sum of a whole number and a fraction.

Label and give an example of a mixed number identify which is the whole number and which is the fraction.

10 minutes


Draw 2 sets of 2 pies. 3 pieces cut into each.

Look at the first set:

Have 1 piece missing out of 1 pie and ask how many pieces of pie there in each pie (3) this is the denominator ask how many pieces remain (5) this is the numerator.  Write the fraction as 5/3 of 1 pie

Meaning I have more than 1 pie

Look at the second set:

This looks like the same amount of pie as the first set however what if I said I have 1 whole pie and 2/3 of another pie I would write this like 1 2/3 which means I have more than 1 pie.

Show how this is the same on a number line.


15 minutes

Explore (Conceptual Development)

Example 1: Writing an improper fraction

Write 2 ¾ as an improper fraction.

Have students synthesize the steps to complete this as we do it

Step 1: Write the mixed number as a sum

Step 2: write 2 as a fraction with the same denominator as the fraction

Step 3: add the numerators

Students will write 3 ¾ as an improper fraction using this method independently then we will review as a class.


Example 2: Write 4 2/3 as an improper fraction

Have students synthesize the steps to complete this as we do it

Step 1: multiply the denominator by the whole number

Step 2: add the numerator

Step 3: leave the denominator the same

(make sure to show this as a circle with multiply below and addition on top)

Have students write 2 5/8 as an improper fraction using this method independently then review it as a class.


Example 3: Writing a mixed number

You are planning a pizza party. Each pizza has 8 slices. You estimate you will need 30 slices. How many pizzas should you order? to find the number of pizzas, write 30/8 as a mixed number.

Students will synthesize the steps to complete this as we do it

Step 1: divide the numerator by the denominator (fraction means divide so when we see a larger number on top we divide)

Step 2: write the remainder as a fraction, , Step 3: Simplify

(since you cannot order 3 ¾ pizza how many pizzas should you order?)

Have students write 15/12 as a mixed number in simplest form independently then review it as a class.


15 minutes


(Guided Practice)

Now we will have a race to see who can write improper fractions as mixed numbers and mixed numbers as improper fractions correctly in the fastest time. You have 10 problems when I say go you will flip your paper over and attempt to answer those ten questions. Once finished flip your paper back over and read until I can come check your work. When you are reading I will know you are finished. Those that finish in 10 minutes and are 100% correct will receive a ticket for the raffle.

(worksheet in guided notes)

5 minutes is left to review questions the entire class had difficulty with. Students can explain how they got their answer or the teacher can explain how to get the right answer.

20 minutes

Extend (Independent Practice)

Have student’s complete 20 practice problems on their own. If one student finishes early and gets 90% of them right have that student become the grader and grade other students work when they complete. If students finish early they are to read. Once they are reading I will know they are done.

5 minutes


(Assessment/ Closure)

Exit slip is attached on the guided notes:

Lesson Resources

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