Lesson: Discussion and Project: Myths

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Lesson Objective

Students demonstrate understandings of characterization and the purpose of myths by writing their own.

Lesson Plan

Attached are assessments that can be spread out through the unit as suits your class.

Give students the information on the culminating project and then set dates suitable for your particular class to finish each stage of the project. Decide on whether lower-performing students may partner up, as characterization may be challenging for them.

Lesson Reflection:
What went well? What would you change? What needs explanation?
Some students are just overflowing with complex and creative myths that they can't wait to share! Students with strong grasps of the material may be able to complete each stage on blank paper, but struggling students may need graphic organizers to help them think of all necessary elements.  Once the requirements are clear to all students, provide in-class work time so that you can monitor their understanding and progress. Always google particular phrases from each final project to be sure they are plagiarized from the internet. 


For your culminating project, you will write your own myth. This myth can be about any part of nature or social life, and can have any characters you want. However, all standards apply to your project, meaning nothing should be unkind or inappropriate.


a. Choose a theme for your myth. What will your myth teach or explain? What position will it take about reality?


b. Choose characters for your myth. Imagine their characteristics- what will they look like, act like, how will they think?


c. Decide how you will characterize them throughout the story. How will you let the audience know about the characters while still keeping it interesting?


d. Write the words of your myth. Make sure there is talking and not just narrating.


e. You may now choose to illustrate your myth with artwork of your own or with Comic Life. Please check in with the teacher before you begin with either choice.


Dates to Check In or Turn In:










Lesson Resources

Essay Rubric   Rubric
Assessments MythUnit   Assessment


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