Lesson: Greek Myth Exploration

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Lesson Objective

Students independently read and analyze myths Students recognize themes, symbols and purposes in myths Students analyze characterization

Lesson Plan

 Lesson Name: Greek Myth Exploration            Course: High School Language Arts by Anke al-Bataineh


Students independently read and analyze myths

Students recognize themes, symbols and purposes in myths

Students analyze characterization

Essential Questions:            (write on board)
What can myths teach us about the society they come from?

How can we learn about characters in stories?

What are the main themes and symbols in Ancient Greek myths?

Books from Myths and Legends Series

Question Packet

Graphic Organizer for Myths

QAR worksheet

Anticipatory Set:         (5 min)
Ask students to name some of the things we have been analyzing about myths in this unit. These should include theme, symbolism, similarities and differences, etc.

Input:         (10 min)
Tell students that in order to see that they understand these concepts, they will now have the opportunity to analyze them independently about a myth of their choice.


Present the choices of myths and, if you choose, a tiny blurb about each. You may choose not to share anything except to show the covers.


Inform students of the timeline for this assignment and distribute the appropriate worksheet. Capable readers and writers might be able to use the Question Packet, which requires grade-level analysis and organized, developed answers. Low readers might do better with the Graphic Organizer for Myths, and then be assigned to write a paragraph explaining each section. Those who struggle with the writing side might do best with the QAR worksheet, assigned to generate quality questions. You may choose to have them then answer 2 of 4 categories of the questions they generate, depending on the dynamics of the student.

Independent Work:         (65 min)
Students read and complete their assignment.

Conclusion/Assessment:         (10 min)
Discuss challenges or reflections with students. Ask if they see themes shared with Demeter and Persephone? With the Native American myths?




Vocab to Watch Out For:

Lesson Reflection:

What went well?

What would you change?

What needs explanation?

Students love the books.

The different levels of assignment were added due to varying levels of cognitive and literacy functioning.

It may be important to you to pre-screen the myths for inappropriate or convoluted elements. In my case, I have to operate under strict guidelines of appropriateness, which eliminates lots of choices.


Lesson Resources

Question Packet for Independently Read Myths  
Question Packet for Independently Read Myths  


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