Lesson: Transformation on a Coordinate Plane

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Lesson Objective

I can define translation, rotation, and reflection and demonstrate each on a coordinate plane.

Lesson Plan


State Standard:


Standard Name:



I can define translation, rotation, and reflection and demonstrate each on a coordinate plane.

Essential Question:

How can 2 dimensional objects move on a coordinate plane?

Word Wall Words:

Translation, rotation, reflection, transformations, coordinate plane

Do Now:



Today we are going to use graph paper and coordinate planes to understand how we can move geometric figures. First, let’s add the vocabulary definitions to our geometry cheat sheet. Add translation, rotation, and reflection.

Direct Instruction:

In order to demonstrate translations, rotations and reflections, we need shapes. Let’s say I want to start with this triangle. Have a triangle ready to use on the Promethean board. If I want to translate it, I’m going to slide it to its new position. To rotate it, I’m going to turn it, making sure to rotate it on a vertex. And if I want to reflect it, and I’m going to flip it over a line, making it look like a mirror image. Model each transformation on the Promethean board.

Guided Practice:

Look in your shape bag. Find the green right triangle. Draw it on your laminated coordinate grid. Give coordinates for drawing. Now translate each vertex 7 units right and 3 units down. Draw it and label it “translation.” Check students work then perform the translation on the board. Now, rotate it 90 degrees and draw it. Check and perform. Lastly, let’s reflect it across a line of reflection, and draw it. Check and perform.

Independent Practice:

Now you’ll have a chance to perform these transformations on your own. We will move as a class but you will perform these tasks independently.

Math Journal:



Exit slip: (on pre-created coordinate plane). Choose a shape. Draw it. Then draw a rotation, reflection, and translation. Label each.

Center Options:


Teacher led: Tell students which shapes to remove from the bag and have them perform transformations. Walk around to check for understanding.


Low group: break up task into individual steps. Give them a set amount of time to translate, then check. Then have them rotate and check it. Then have them reflect and check it. Keep them all moving at the same pace.

Lesson Resources

Transformations in Coordinate Plane Practice   Classwork


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