Lesson: Adding Fractions with Like Denominators

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Lesson Objective

SWBAT add and subtract fractions and mixed numbers with like denominators.

Lesson Plan


State Standard:


Standard Name:

Add & Subtract Fractions


SWBAT add and subtract fractions and mixed numbers with like denominators.

Essential Question:

How can I compare numbers that do not all look the same?


Word Wall Words:

Fraction, add, subtract

Do Now:

Identify 5 different types of fractions that we acknowledged on our anchor chart.



(Refer to anchor chart) REVIEW: What kind of fractions have we talked about so far? We’ve talked about different forms of fractions, improper fractions, equivalent fractions and mixed numbers. Today we’re going to talk about adding and subtracting fractions.


Direct Instruction:

Let’s look at this problem: Anna ate 3/10 of a pie. Her brother at 6/10 of the same pie. How much pie did they eat in all?

I know that “in all” is asking me to add so I need to solve 3/10 + 6/10. Let’s draw a model. Draw a model to show adding. When adding fractions that have the same denominator,  all you have to do is add the numerators and keep the denominator the same. So 6/10 plus 3/10 would equal 9/10. If you can simplify it, then do it!

 If you have a mixed number, you add the whole numbers then add the fractions. For example: 2 ¾ - 1 ¼ would give me 1 2/4 or 1 ½.  Show with a model as well as arithmetic.


Guided Practice:


We’ll now try the first few problems on your sheet together. Try 2 addition and 2 subtraction problems.

Independent Practice:

Complete your independent work. Use your fraction bar or draw models to help you! When you finish, we will trade and grade.

Math Journals:

What are all the things a fraction can represent? Which one do you need more explanation on?


Explain how to add 1 4/6 + 2 3/6.

Center Options:

Center 1: part of whole/collection/ratio/division/#line

Center 2: Extra pratice on skip counting

Center 3: adding fractions


Struggling students can continue to work on part of whole and part of collection on own, with buddies, or in a small group.


Advanced students will add more complex fractions.


Lesson Resources

Add with Like Denominators Practice   Classwork
Add Unlike Denominators Practice   Classwork


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