Lesson: Stem-and-Leaf Plot

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Lesson Objective

SWBAT represent and interpret data using a stem-and-leaf plot

Lesson Plan

Lesson Agenda

Agenda Item/ Time (Board Configuration)

 5 E’s

Learning Activities



Teacher will do…

Students will do …

10 minutes

Daily Math Review (Warm-Up/ Do Now)

Find the median of each set of data:

1. 24, 42, 51, 25, 63

2. 38, 30, 26, 20, 32, 48,

3. 2.1, 3.2, 4.8, 5.6, 3.1, 2.6

4. 110, 120, 130, 125

Students will take out homework and complete do not at zero noise

5 minutes

Math Vocabulary

Stem-and-Leaf plot: a graph that uses the digits of each number to show the shape of the data.

Stem: digit or digits on the left

Leaf: digit or digits on the right

Key: Explain what your stem and leaves represent


10 minutes

Explore (Conceptual Development)

Use the table to draw a stem-and-leaf plot

Table will be on guided notes:

Discuss the steps to creating the step and leaf plot try to have students formulate these steps on their own as you create the stem and leaf plot together


Step 1: Circle the stem: the number in the highest place value

Step 2: Place the stems on a vertical line in numerical order and draw a vertical line next to the right of the stems

Step 3: underline the leaves and place them next to the appropriate stem

Step 4: Order the leaves from least to greatest


Students are creating the stem-and-leaf plot while synthesizing the steps to do so.

15 minutes


(Guided Practice)

Do one more examples with the students and have one that includes numbers with more than two digits.

Determine what information we can gather from a stem-and-leaf plot (on stem-and-leaf GN worksheet)

Do on last example with the students to analyze data using stem-and-leaf plots.

Can we find mean, median, mode, range, max, and min? Is it easier to find any of these using a stem and leaf plot. Have them complete 3 stem-and-leaf plots with analyzing data on their own (given on worksheet) and do thumbs up or down for understanding.

Teacher say: you will have 3 minutes to complete the first problem on analyzing data using a stem-and-leaf plot. Once you are finished please remain silent to let your colleges finish their work in silence. Once the 3 minutes ask for a volunteer to give the answer have other students give thumbs up or down for understanding then move on. Repeat this for each of the 3 questions. (those students that had thumbs down should be addressed during the next questions independent work time)


15 minutes

Extend (Independent Practice)

female students must write a two digit number from 50-99 and the male students will write a three digit number from 100-130 on a post it note. Once you have completed this tear your paper in the appropriate place (where the stem ends and the leaf begins.

Have the students come up and place their leaf next to the appropriate stem. If they do not place them in numerical order on their own wait until they are finished and ask if we are finished (expect that somebody will say they are not in numerical order)

Then analyze the class data with specific questions outlined in the stem-and-leaf guided notes



10 minutes


(Assessment/ Closure)

See stem-and-leaf guided notes

Students will complete exit slip at zero noise.


Analyze data using a Stem-and-leaf worksheet


For students that are struggling give them different color for each stem: IE any number that was in the 20’s would be red in the 30’s would be blue and in the 40’s would be green. Then have them attempt to create a stem-and-leaf plot

Lesson Resources

6 DASP stemandleaf   Classwork


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