Lesson: Types of Conflict

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Lesson Objective

Student will be able to analyze and describe different types of conflict in a fiction story.

Lesson Plan



Lesson Plan


Standard/Code/Name:  Types of Conflict


DO NOW (5-7 minutes):  In the past couple of chapters there are have been instances of minor characters influencing the plot of the story (Mr. Darby, the Dodos, other animals in the story). Pick one of these characters and explain how they influenced the story line. In the past have they been a source of conflict, how? 



In a story like “The Secret Zoo”, you will often find several conflicts going on with different multiple types of characters. Today we are going to define different types of conflict in fiction and identify conflict in our novel.


Direct Instruction (I DO):

There are 4 types of conflict what we can encounter in a novel (make an anchor chart to display within the classroom (see attached file):

  1. Character vs. Self – occurs when a character develops an internal struggle between his thoughts and ideas.
    • A great example of this can be found in our story when Noah was struggling with whether or not he was going to tell the other Action Scouts about the zoo.
  2. Character vs. Character – characters within a story has some sort of conflict with each other.
    • An example of this type of conflict can be seen with Ella and Richie; they tend to have a love-hate relationship between each other.
  3. Character vs. Society – occurs when a character disagrees with societal values, laws, or beliefs.
    •  This can be seen when the Action Scouts are being watched by the members of the Secret Zoo.  They are trying to protect their secret and The Action Scouts are trying to get in to get Megan back, as whatever cost.
  4. Character vs. Nature – occurs when a character has a problem with outside forces: weather, animals, land, etc.
    • The Action Scouts encounter many different animals and environments throughout their travels within the Secret Zoo.


Read Chapter 43 to the class modeling any conflicts that were read about and explaining them.


Guided Practice (WE DO): 

Read Chapter 44-46 and stop to see if students are picking up on the conflicts that are happening within the chapter.

  • Action Scouts vs. nature – Megan has been trapped somewhere in The Secret Zoo – the Dark Lands.
  • Noah vs. Society – Noah didn’t understand why the members of the Secret Zoo didn’t tell anyone about Megan’s disappearance.  The Secret Zoo couldn’t give up their secret.
  • The Action Scouts vs. Society (the Secret Council) – pleads with the members to open the Dark Lands so that they can find Megan and rescue her.  Some people don’t want to entertain the idea of opening the Dark Lands to save one person and endanger many others.
  • The Secret Zoo members vs. The Dark lands – The members of the Secret Zoo break through the DarkLand’s barrier and enter the dark lands and the awfulness that is inside (sasquatches).



Independent Practice (YOU DO): Given the list of conflicts found in fiction, have students come up with 1 example for each. One example based on books they have read in the past and the other from “The Secret Zoo.” (see attached file)

Assessment: Independent practice activity 

Homework:  Read Chapters 47-48 and complete questions (see attached file)

Lesson Resources

Lesson 45   Lesson Plan
Lesson 45 HOMEWORK   Homework
Lesson 45 Conflicts within Fiction Stories   Notes
Lesson 45 IP.doc  


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