Lesson: Solving 2 Step Equations

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Lesson Objective

Students will apply knowledge of number relations and solving equations in order to solve 2 step equations.

Lesson Plan

Engagement  (Warm up)3 min.:
Quick Write: What is the most important this to remember when solving equations?
( What yo u do to one side, you do to the other side of the equation.

Exploration ( Self Guided)
Not needed because of the previous  lesson on Solving 1 Step Equations.

Explanation (Instructional) 15 min.:
Explain to students that 2 step equations are similar to 1 step equations with the exception of having another operation.

- The objective is to get the varaible alone on one side of the equation.
- Opposite operations have to be used to move numbers from one side of the equation to the other side of the equation.
- What is done to one side, must be done to the other side.
- Check work by substituting value for the variable.

Example: 3x+4= 10
1. Subtract 4 from both sides (3x= 6)
2. Divide by 3 from both sides (x=2)
3. Check your work by plugging in the variable.
3(2)+ 4 = 10

Elaboration (Independent) 15 min.:

Students will have time to practice solving 2 step equations. During this time, teacher should be walking around and offering assistance to any students that will need clarification or further explanation.

2 Step Equations Wkst. 6-2

Evaluation (Closing) 15 min.:

Equation Wars- Team Activity

Lesson Resources

2 step equations 6 2   Classwork
Equation Wars   Activity


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