Lesson: Appetiving Adjectives

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Lesson Objective

The students will be able to identify adjectives. The students will be able to effectively use adjectives in writing.

Lesson Plan

Do Now:
Students will complete an assignment in the context clues do now packet

Today we will focus on identifying adjectives and using adjectives in our writing.  First we will view a Powerpoint to help us identify adjectives in sentences.  Then we will veiw menus from different restaurants and write our own descriptions of the food items served.  So let's begin.

Direct Instruction
Teacher will show a PowerPoint presentation to students reviewing what an adjective is and then identifying the adjectives in sentences. 

Guided Practice:
Teacher will provide students with 2 - 3  sentences and as a class students will identify the adjectives.

Teacher will provide students with 2 - 3 sentences and as a class students will create more elaborate and descriptive sentences.

Independent Practice
Give students a restaurant menu (it can be a menu from an actual restaurant or one that you created yourself.)

Have the students brainstorm adjectives that will describe the food items. (My students came up with words like heavenly, delightful, juicy, etc. to describe a hamburger).

Have the children write a short description using the adjectives that they came up with during the brainstorming session. (My students wrote: Try our heavenly, juicy, delightful hamburger. The tantalizing smell will make your mouth water).

Have the students underline the adjectives that they used.

Have the students illustrate their menus on a computer or on construction paper.

Using the following adjectives write one sentence that describes a piece of fruit.

  • sweet
  • juicy
  • refreshing
  • healthy

Lesson Resources

Context Clues Do Now Exercises   Starter / Do Now
Identify the Adjectives   Smart Board


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