Lesson: Scrapbook Project

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to create a scrapbook based on Ties That Bind, That Break.

Lesson Plan





Ties That Bind, Ties That Break Scrapbook Project:


All Students will create a Novel Scrapbook.  A Novel Scrapbook is basically a variety of activities based on the Novel that demonstrate that you’ve read the book, understand how it relates to the world and creates a deeper meaning for you.  The purpose of this task is to create a way for students to display their understanding of the novel in way that is fun, creative and CHALLENGING.   


 Your job is to create a scrapbook that includes: pictures, illustrations and personal writing about the novel.  The writing portion can either be typed or printed neatly.  Students are expected to have a minimum of 15 pages in their scrap book but no more than 25 pages.   Finally, you may create a scrapbook either in a booklet form using a program like Microsoft Publisher, Word, by hand with construction paper or in a presentation format using Microsoft PowerPoint.  


·         Choose the type of format you would like to use.

·         Be sure you are following the guidelines as outlined below for each page

·         Make drafts of each and edit

·                  Create or collect illustrations using clipart, pictures, drawings

·         Create a booklet with an illustrated cover labeled with your name, date, and class period.  If you are doing a presentation, be sure to include the same in a cover page or first slide.

·         Follow the rubric to ensure high quality work

The following items must be included in your project:

·         Cover Page: title of Novel, picture, author, student name, date, and period.

·         Author’s Purpose for Writing this Novel (1 paragraph)

·         Setting:  place and time period (1 paragraph)

·         List and description of the Major Characters

·         The Conflict of the Story (1 paragraph)

·         The Theme and Moral of the Novel.  What lesson did you learn? (1 page)

·         Identify the details from the text that reveal the Genre (1 page)

·         5 illustrations/pictures (these can be your own drawing, pictures from the internet or any other source)


Then from the items below you must also pick 7 of the following to include in your Novel Scrapbook:

1.    Poem about and written from the point of view of a character in the novel

2.    Letters from one character to another

3.    Autobiography written about 1 character

4.    Drawings of a character

5.    Create an interview, Q & A, with a character in the novel

6.    Create a news article about the main character

7.    4 Diaries or journals entries written by your character

8.    Find or write magazine or newspaper articles that connect to your characters actions and beliefs

9.    Write or choose a songs that your character listens to, explain why

10. Create a birth certificate, obituary, or other legal document about your character

11. A comic strip of your favorite scene

12. An additional chapter for the book that portrays Ailin and James 15 years later.

13. Write 1 page about your favorite scene with this character and why it is your favorite scene?   

14. Answer the question with a 1 page essay: Does it take courage for Ailin to remain in the US or would she show courage by returning to China?  Explain use ideas from the text.


Lesson Resources

Rubric for Ties That Bind Ties That Break Scrapbook Project   Project


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