Lesson: Chapter 9 - Predicting & Foreshadowing

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to apply different learning techniques in regards to comprehension, character analysis, literary elements (character conflict, setting, plot, point of view), to make connections and reflections and to make inferences

Lesson Plan

Do Now:

Have you ever taken care of somebody when they were sick?   What did you do? How did you make them feel better?

(Teacher Says)
Today we will continue reading Ties That Bind, Ties That Break.  Before we begin reading let's review what predicting and foreshadowing is.  Predicting is making an educated guess about what will happen in a story.  Foreshadowing are clues in the text that help readers predict what will happen in a story.

Direct Instruction:
Have students read in groups or independently while teacher pulls a small group of students.

Guided Practice

After reading chapter 9, the teacher will lead a class discussion based on the questions that will stimulate interesting and educational conversation about the book.

  • How did the transition from Ailin to Eileen happen?   What caused to this name change?

  • How does Ailin realize that Mr. and Mrs. Warner trust her?
  • What does Ailin come to realize about her family at the end of the chapter?

  • Do you agree with this quote:   Is Ailin ready for this new challenge? "I was no delicate shoot buried in the sand.   I was a stalk of bamboo, strong enough to stand against wind and snow." (p. 118)

Independent Practice
In groups students will make foreshadowing posters.  They will pick 3 or 4 clues in the novel that will help them make a prediction about what will happen at the end of the novel.  They will illustrate those predictions in a poster that is designed to attract other students to read the novel.


Using your context clues and knowledge based on the novel, define the following words:
Big Noses

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