Lesson: Chapter 8 - Elements of Plot

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to apply different learning techniques in regards to comprehension, character analysis, literary elements (character conflict, setting, plot, point of view), to make connections and reflections and to make inferences

Lesson Plan

Do Now:

Have you ever had to leave your home, or become separated from your family?   How did it make you feel?

(Teacher Says)
Today we will continue reading Ties That Bind, Ties That Break.  While we are reading today we are going to focus on the plot structure of this novel.  Let's review the 5 elements of plot.
Rising Action
Falling Action

Direct Instruction:
Have students read in groups or independently while teacher pulls a small group of students.

Guided Practice

After reading chapter 8, the teacher will lead a class discussion based on the questions that will stimulate interesting and educational conversation about the book.

  • How does Ailin's family react to her new job?
  • What do Ailin and Billy have in common?


  • Why does the Houseboy feel threatened by Ailin?   How does he treat Ailin?
  • How do Mr. and Mrs. Warner perceive Ailin?   Why don't they want their children to learn about China?

Independent Practice
Students will explain and write their reaction to this quote: "For the first time I understood the price I was paying for my rebellion.   I had been exiled from my own people, and I had entered a world that despised what I had been taught to value." (p. 101)

Students will begin to complete the plot graphic organizer: exposition and rising action.

Lesson Resources

Plot Pyrmaid   Classwork


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