Lesson: Introduction to Ties That Bind, Ties That Break

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to analyze a texts problem and solutions to justify the author’s purpose.

Lesson Plan

Do Now:
What If Question and Response Sheet

Teacher says
Today we will be starting a novel study unit on Ties That Bind, Ties That Break with a focus on author's purpsoe, main idea/supporting details, charater trait and development and plot structure.  Before we begin to read this novel we need to learn about the author and the historical and cultural setting of where this book takes place.  We will read the Pre-Reading Handout and see a PowerPoint on Foot Binding.

Direct Instruction
 Teacher will show students PowerPoint on Foot Binding and have a class discussion the culture of foot binding in China. 

(This would also be a good opportunity for the teacher to ask students to make predictions about what will happen in the novel based on what information they already have)

Guided Practice:
As a class or in groups student should read the introduction.  The Introduction will help you understand key concepts in the book. Knowing them will help you discuss and write about the book.
The Introduction includes information about
• a popular legend telling how foot binding began
• the negative physical effects of foot binding
• the theories of why women allowed their feet to be bound
• when the practice of foot binding ended

Independent Practice:
After students read the Introduction, answer the questions to check for understanding.
  1. What is the popular legend about how foot binding began?
  2. Why did Chinese men want wives with bound feet?
  3. How did foot binding physically affect women?
  4. What practices exist in our society that promote beauty at the expense of pain?
  5. How does the media (TV, movies, videos, magazines) perpetuate this oppression of women by creating false and unrealistic imges of beauty?

Exit Slip -
Based on everything you have learned after reading the introduction and watching the PowerPoint Presentation on Foot Binding what do you think will happen to the characters in this novel?

Lesson Resources

Foot Binding Powerpoint   Smart Board
Pre Reading Information for A Ties That Bind   Notes
Ties That Bind Ties That Break Do Now 1  
Ties That Bind Ties That Break Exit Slip 1   Other


ZHENG GU Posted one year ago:

My son's school district adopted this unit several years ago. It looks ok from the surface. However, the sheer ugliness of the practice itself and the images together with the link to the Chinese culture caused ridicules and teasing toward students of Chinese heritage. It also encouraged the negative view of Chinese culture and caused humiliation among the kids of Chinese heritage.

Foot binding is a long gone tradition and it has been viewed very negatively in Chinese culture for over a century. Information within the Powerpoint is inacurate. Women with bound feet died out long ago.

Introducing Chinese foot binding with inacurate information to the still immature young minds appears not that appropriate.



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