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Suheirys Contreras Posted one year ago:

Great for middle school. 8th Grade: great review of known words and enough new words to engage them. 7th Grade: challenged by this activity but still motivated. Thank you very much for this resource!!!

Karl Zedell Posted one year ago:

Terrific resource for both middle schoolers and adult EL students!  Quick and efficieint.

Tammy Sanders Posted 2 years ago:

Excellent resource to have on hand.  Nice mixture of difficulty to challenge all levels of learners.

Sonia Magarinos Posted 3 years ago:

Works well with adult EL learners. Sentences appropriate for higher levels.


Kim Whitfield Posted 4 years ago:
Great examples and will definitely use to reinforce and review.
Barbra Diulus Posted 4 years ago:
Great worksheets but the word exercise is spelled incorrectly.
mar wintz Posted 4 years ago:
I really like having this activity and using it a *early finisher* activity. Great skills and they are short enough for students to complete quickly



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