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This is a neat first day of school opener that I do with my students from Students create a coat of arms using a large sheet of white paper. The PowerPoint first frames what a coat of arms is and then explains in a step by step process how to make a shield out of paper (scissors are needed and step by step directions built-into the PowerPoint makes it easily understood). The PowerPoint then has the students unfold the shield and divide it into four sections. They place their name in the middle. In the upper left hand corner they place information about their interests, hobbies, and other cool factoids about themselves. They are encouraged in the PowerPoint to use cut-outs, drawings, and text. The next section asks the student to set Goals / their hopes and dreams for this year and beyond.(Pictures, Cut-Outs, Colors). The next section asks the students to describe the people that support them. The final section has the students brainstorm ways in which this class will help them reach their goals / hopes and dreams for this year and beyond. An example that uses clipart is provided although teachers are encouraged to present their own interests / goals. Students can present their coat of arms the next day in front of the class. I have often broken the class into small groups and had each student present multiple times to smaller traveling groups in a carousel type presentation. Other ways of presenting is to partner up two students and have each student present the others shield. I give the students several minutes to share their shields with their partner and work on their presentations together. This is a really neat little activity that not only lets the teacher learn about the students hopes for the year and beyond but is perfect for framing the importance of positive behavior in the classroom. - We all have important hopes and dreams and negative behavior hurts those larger goals. A slide of teacher and student responsibilities and a few slides about responsibility and respect conclude this PowerPoint. This is a free product and all positive comments are welcome. Thank you and enjoy! This PowerPoint is one small part of the curriculum that I offer from the website I sell 19 entire units that range from 1700-6000 slides per unit. I also sell all 19 Middle-Level Science Units (4 years worth of curriculum) and this is mailed on an 8GB USB drive ($20 Value) free shipping. This includes all 19 units (30,000+ slides)in Life, Earth, and Physical Science for students in grades 5-10, This also includes 275 pages of bundled homework / assessment that chronologically follows each unit, 175 pages of modified assessments, 325 pages of answer keys, 260 pages of unit notes, 45 PowerPoint review games (5000+ slides), 315 videos, hundreds of pages of handouts, hundreds of activities, project ideas, discussion questions, challenge questions, 275 slide First Day PowerPoint, Student Guidebook, and Four Year Curriculum Guide, School District License, and much more. This is everything you need to run an incredible four year science curriculum on one USB drive. $125.00 If you have any questions or would like to sample a unit for quality please email me and I will gladly assist you any way I can. Thank you for your time and interest in this PowerPoint. Sincerely, Ryan Murphy M.Ed

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Nancy Bauman Posted 5 years ago:
What a great activity for beginning school. I teach language arts to third, fourth, and fifth graders. I was able to adapt this lesson to all my classes. Thank you for posting your lesson.
Marissa Bennett Posted 6 years ago:
My second graders loved it! It was perfect for their ESOL abilities and easily allowed for differentiation. Some students wrote sentences along with their illustrations, others solely drew pictures. We were able to hit on speaking and listening during the class presentations and I even used their sentences to touch on subject-verb agreement for a mini grammar lesson. I liked that it allowed me to learn more about my students without a formal survey-type approach. Overall, it was a success really engaging the students. I skipped the power point with my second group as it took too much time and the text was above their level. The picture of the knight was a useful hook however.



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