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6th grade writing

Units and Lessons

Launching the Writing Workshop Resources: 16

This is the first unit of the academic year. It's designed to teach scholars the structures and routines of the writer's workshop and allow them to craft their first personal narrative of the year.

Personal Narrative part 2

This is a follow-up to the initial personal narratives the students wrote during the "launching" unit. In this unit students will build on the skills they learned previously to write narratives that may contain: two scenes, several small moments, and/or alternating between dialogue, thoughts, and actions.

Response to Literature: Paragraph Resources: 5

Students will write a paragraph highlighting an important event in one of their favorite independent reading books.

Response to Literature: Book Review Resources: 10

In this book review scholars will write about an insight they have discovered through a favorite piece of literature.

Fiction Writing - Short Stories Resources: 10

I'll admit to being very afraid of short story writing with 6th graders. Usually, the stories are really awful and end abruptly with the main character waking up and realizing, "it was all just a dream." Uggg. I'm going to lean on my good friend Ralph Fletcher (ok, he's not a great friend, but I did meet him and he signed my books) to help me along. Most of the following lessons are borrowed from his kit, "Teaching the Qualities of Writing". They are all marked with the card number; for those of you are lucky enough to have this great resource at your disposal.

Persuasive Paragraphs Resources: 5

Persuasive Essay: Promoting a Cause

Using the computer Resources: 5



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