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While students need to learn correct grammar, they also must understand that within the structured rules of grammar, there is plenty of room to develop their own unique writing style. This block of study teaches basic and advanced sentence structures, including how to join sentences and avoid run-ons and fragments. The capstone is a study of sentence fluency.

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This unit covers nonfiction reading skills, such as infer, summarize, identify main idea, identify text structures, predict, etc. The topic is a current one: food in America. A note on the order of the lessons: In past years, I taught main idea before teaching text structure; however, in this unit I have reversed that order. The reason is that I want to test my hypothesis that if students can first learn to determine a passage’s internal text structure, they might be able to use that as a guide to determine its main idea. For example, if students read a paragraph and can recognize a compare/contrast structure, then they know (or you can train them to know) that the main idea will refer to a comparison of some sort. (Likewise, if they read a chapter of Chew on This and it has an overarching chronological structure, the main idea for that chapter would most likely refer to a span of time and changes that occurred during it.) As I said, this is experimental. The lessons in this unit are open to your edits and rearrangements to fit your teaching style and your students’ needs. Enjoy! Also, this resource is valuable from the publishers of Chew on This, Houghton-Mifflin:

Elements of Fiction: the short story


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