Course: Writing 8th grade 2014-2015

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Units and Lessons

Dark, Short Stories: Literary Analysis Resources: 30

By engaging in the dark world of short stories, scholars are able to take their first at-bat at literary analysis. In this PBA unit scholars must analyze the humor created in Roald Dahl's "Lamb to the Slaughter." They will apply their skills in a final ODWA: Suspense in "The Tell-tale Heart."

Deep Dive: The Value of Education Resources: 26

In this deep dive, students will have a chance to thoughtfully participate in one of the most important college decisions they must make: which high school is best for them. In order to do this they will reflect on their current character, research high school prospects, and pen their personal statements. This unit is grounded in rich texts like "How Students Succeed", providing several at-bats for well-crafted TDQ questions that reinforce the argumentative paragraph structure.


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