Course: Summer Session 2011

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Course Description

This is an orientation and science immersion program for new 5th graders. They will learn KIPP Coastal Village values and operating norms and immerse themselves in project-based learning about the ocean. They will explore habitats found in Galveston's bays, marshes and beaches and notice how animals, habitats and humans are interconnected.

Units and Lessons

First Week Resources: 30

Students will learn KIPP Coastal Village WHISPER values and operating norms. They will be immersed in these values and are expected to start living them out every moment at KCV. At the same time, they will learn chants, routines and behaviors that are expected of all KCV students. Students will also participate in team building and ice-breaker activities to gain familiarity amongst themselves. During this process, students will be immersed in a project-based learning unit on Galveston animals, habitats and ecosystems.

Second Week Resources: 10

Students will continue to work on understanding and living out KCV WHISPER values and operating norms. Math chants will continue to be taught until all students master them. Students will explore Galveston habitats and ecosystems further through research and scientific investigations. Students will be able to describe the different habitats found on Galveston Island and be able to describe and predict adaptations of animals living in these ecosystems.

Third Week Resources: 3

The summer session will culminate in final understandings of Galveston ecosystems and their connection to the students at KCV. Students will have learned and practiced all KIPP Coastal Village values and operating norms.


Course Resources

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