Course: 9th Grade Fiction

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Course Overview Resources: 3

Curriculum calendar, syllabus, overall course explanation documents.

Unit 1 - In a Pickle Shooting One's Self in the Foot While Out on a Limb Resources: 38

UNIT THEME: Misunderstood Identity. UNIT TEXTS: Short stories from Sherman Alexie. WRITING FOCUS: Personal narrative. LITERARY FOCUS: review of describing conflict, introduction to thinking symbolically through decoding the meaning of idioms. READING FOCUS: use Reader Response to identify and analyze key moments of a text, use context clues to determine the meaning of unknown words.

Unit 2 - Mistakes, Self-Expression, and Healing Resources: 57

UNIT THEME: Growth, healing, and self-discovery through self-expression. UNIT TEXTS: Speak by Laurie Hasle Anderson & non-fiction on PTSD. LITERARY ANALYSIS: motifs/symbols conveying character development; identifying and creating tone.

Unit 3 - Review for Quarter 1 Final Exam Resources: 6

Unit 4 - Personal Narratives Resources: 26

UNIT UNDERSTANDING: we can become wiser and stronger through reflection on our own life experiences. WRITING/LITERARY FOCUS: using concrete details to convey situations/emotions/abstractions; conveying theme through titles and symbols.

Unit 5 - Of Mice and Men Resources: 39

UNIT THEME: culpability and intentions; causes of isolation. UNIT TEXTS: Of Mice and Men, non-fiction texts on the Great Depression and euthanasia. READING SKILLS: writing summaries to convey comprehension (sequencing events, selecting most significant details) LITERARY ANALYSIS: analysis of imagery used to characterize and foreshadow, analysis of symbolic characters and events used to reinforce themes, coming full circle.

Unit 6 - Poetry Resources: 40

UNIT UNDERSTANDING: Poets use figurative language, structure, and sound to convey meaning and emotion. LITERARY ANALYSIS FOCUS: determining topic, theme, and perspective of a poem; identifying techniques used related to figurative language, structure, and sound.

Unit 7 - Lord of the Flies Resources: 49

Unit 8 - Romeo and Juliet Resources: 42

Quarterly Exams Resources: 12

Skill-based exams for each quarter of the year.


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