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10th Grade English in North Carolina

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This is the first unit for a ninth grade composition course. It focuses on the importance of being specific and methods of being specific in creative/descriptive writing (which will lead to the importance of specificity and evidence in expository and persuasive writing.) The unit includes lesson plans, texts, worksheets, writing assignments, practice tests, and unit assessments. We are focusing on three reasons for specificity: (1) to make sure our readers understand, correctly and clearly (2) to create a mood – which helps to create meaning (3) to create experiences for our readers in order to better entertain and persuade (showing,not telling) We are focusing on four methods of writing specifically: (1) changing the general to the specific [I ate food --> I ate collard greens from the garden.] (2) using sensory imagery (3) using comparisons and exaggeration (metaphor, simile, hyperbole) (4) avoiding imprecise/dead words (such as “go” “walk” “said” “good” and “bad”)


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