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Here at UYA we believe that knowledge of another language and culture are essential in preparing our scholars to function in a global society. Students will become acquainted with the Spanish language and its culture as they begin to speak, read and write about basic topics using basic vocabulary terms. This is a hands-on class and students will be expected to use the vocabulary in songs, skits, dialogues, and other practical applications. Homework will be given nightly so that the students review what was learned in class and reinforce vocabulary. Students can expect to have 70-80 minutes a week homework. PROGRAM GOALS 1. Students will learn and apply new thematic vocabulary in each chapter. 2. Students will develop an understanding of asking and answering questions from different points of view. 3. Students will develop an understanding and appreciation for Spanish-speaking people and culture. 4. Students will communicate using the correct forms of AR/ER/IR verbs. 5. Students will demonstrate the ability to synthesize vocabulary and verbs into paragraph form and into conversations. OVERVIEW The goal of the UYA 7-8 Spanish program is communication in the target language through the basic language skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Grammar, culture and vocabulary also play an important part in daily learning along with the practice of aural and oral skills. At the end of each unit, students demonstrate communicative proficiency in a cumulative performance-based assessment. Classes are conducted in Spanish as much as possible.

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