Course: 8th grade Persuasive Writing

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Course Description

In this course, students learn and practice the successful skills needed to reach "goal" on the CMT writing prompt. In addition, students learn and practice the same skills required in all forms of persuasive writing. The weeks are broken down in the following manner: Week One (Introductory Paragraphs), Week Two (Body Paragraphs), and Week Three (Conclusion Paragraphs). At the end of each week, students are given a 45-minute-writing-prompt to demonstrate mastery.

Units and Lessons

Introductory Paragraphs Resources: 33

Students work to write the perfect persuasive introductory paragraph: The Knockout paragraph. Through a series of activities and trials, students master the 6 punches to a knock out introductory paragraph. Activities include: poster project, time trials, and a relay. Bring some fun to persuasive writing!

Persuasive Body Paragraphs Resources: 24

Once we've knocked out our audience with our intro, what do we do? We T.I.E.E. them up. TIEE (Topic Sentence, Intro to Evidence, Evidence, Elaboration). In this mini-unit, the focus is on the body paragraph. Students practice and perfect each piece of TIEE in its own seperate lesson. At the end of the week, they are assessed on their knowledge.

Conclusion Paragraphs Resources: 15


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