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Course Description Vocab Videos SAT Vocabulary Course Tired of insipid vocabulary flashcards and prosaic SAT test prep books? Learn SAT vocabulary words and enjoy it! Vocab Videos is a revolutionary new system that brings vocabulary to life! Hilarious short videos illustrate the meanings of over 500 high frequency SAT vocabulary words making them easy to learn and remember. Our extensive test preparation and review material helps build your vocabulary and promotes high levels of retention. *500 high frequency vocabulary words you need to know for the SAT; also perfect for preparing for the ISEE, ACT, GRE & high school English tests *Digital practice quizzes with detailed score reports, downloadable vocabulary word list with definitions, vocabulary crosswords and suggested study guides *Laugh at parodies of your favorite shows like Lost, The Office, 24, and Gossip Girl while learning and improving your vocabulary *Teacher dashboard enables educators to monitor students' usage, view quiz results and download review material *Created after extensive research by education experts who have tutored thousands of students preparing for standardized tests Studies confirm that auditory and visual cues in video content make it much more effective for learning and remembering vocabulary word meanings than many traditional approaches. Join the many students, teachers and schools across the country who are already using Vocab Videos!

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Course Overview Resources: 2

Welcome to Vocab Videos on BetterLesson! We have built a customized Vocab Videos curriculum specifically designed to help increase their vocabulary and reading comprehension skills. See the attached Study Guide for more review tips.

Two's Company 1: Videos Resources: 24

Watch the Vocab Videos episode, Two's Company Part 1.

Two's Company Part 1: Study Resources Resources: 6

Hank and Dudley are colleagues with very different approaches to work and how to win over the new girl in the office.

Vocab Film Festival Resources: 4

The makers of Vocab Videos are challenging students to create their own vocab videos and photos for a chance to win more than $20,000 in scholarships, cash and prizes!

Vocab Videos Features on Resources: 9

There are a variety of additional powerful tools featured on the Vocab Videos site (

Worksheets Resources: 2

Use the worksheets to help you remember the meanings of the words. Make up your own sentences using the word, list synonyms, or use other mnemonic devices. (This master worksheet includes all of the words featured on


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