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Latin I is the first year of a four-year language requirement and is the only foreign language currently offered at KIPP Sunnyside High School. This course will serve as an introduction for students with little or no prior knowledge of Latin. Latin provides a rigorous platform upon which students can become life-long language learners by thinking about language, building vocabulary, enhancing their understanding of English grammar, and accessing ancient Roman culture and society.

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I frequently get asked by my students, "Why are we taking Latin? Why aren't we taking Spanish?" or "If Latin is a dead language because no one speaks it anymore, why do we need to take it?" These are fair questions which the Latin teaching community for a long time was reticent to answer. However, given the infrequency with which Latin is taught not only in public schools but increasingly in private, it is all the more important to have a grasp of why Latin is still a relevant language and deserves its own spot in the foreign language limelight. This unit contains a few articles, statistics, and other fun documents to perhaps help answer the question of "Why Latin?" and maybe (just maybe!) to reconsider the new conventional wisdom that Latin no longer needs to be taught.

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