Course: Technology (3 - 6)

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Course Description

This unit will provide a variety of lessons introducing students in grades 3 - 6 to Microsoft Office tools and Web 2.0 tools. Keyboarding skills and internet safety will continue to be reinforced.

Units and Lessons

Microsoft Word Resources: 16

In this unit, students will learn to use tools in the toolbar to format and edit their documents. The will work on text alignment, formatting fonts, bold, italic, and underline. S

Internet Safety Resources: 9

Students will be introduced to the basics of being safe online. Cybersafety and cyberbullying will be addressed.

Web 2.0 Tools Resources: 12

Within this unit, students will be exposed to a variety of Web 2.0 tools. The tools featured are free on the web!

Microsoft PowerPoint Resources: 13

In this unit, students will gain a basic understanding of PowerPoint. They will learn to add text, clip art, and new slides. Students will also learn how to present their slideshow upon completion.


Course Resources

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