Course: Technology (K - 2)

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Course Description

In this unit, a variety of skills will be covered that explicitly teach computer skills for students in elementary school (K - 2). Students will work with the mouse, keyboarding skills, and begin to work with Microsoft Word. We will also address Internet Safety.

Units and Lessons

Mouse Skills Resources: 8

In this unit, students will be given direct instruction on how to hold the mouse. They will also learn and practice single clicks, double clicks, and drag/drop. Many opportunities will be given for students to practice their mouse skills with web 2.0 tools.

Internet Safety Resources: 10

Students will be introduced to simple rules about sharing information online and practicing internet safety.

Microsoft Word Resources: 5

In this unit, students will learn the basics of Microsoft Word. They will learn to open and close the program, add text, add/format clip art, print, and save.

Keyboarding Resources: 13

In this unit, students will be exposed to the home row of the keyboard. They will begin to identify letters and important keys on the keyboard (enter, space bar). Finger placement and posture will be stressed.


Course Resources

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