Course: 8th Grade Jewish Studies

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Teshuvah (Shara Peters - Cohort 9 Brandeis & Jody Passanisi - Cohort 4 Brandeis) Resources: 34

Eighth grade marks the end point of the journey through middle school. Our overall goal in the eighth grade year of Judaic studies is to take students to a place of reflection on where they have been and where they are going. Eighth graders will take stock of all they have learned up to this point through the lens of our cultural and traditional commonplaces, including: Torah, the people of Israel, the land of Israel, and God. They will reflect on their current understandings and attitudes about these commonplaces, and look to the future in high school and beyond, to where they want to be. We will frame our journey this year using the idea of a Jewish GPS: where are you now, and where are you going? How will Judaism lead you to your destination? As individuals we make a multitude of decisions every day. How do we come to these decisions? Our decisions are based on many factors; we learn from our parents, teachers, and observed behaviors of others. We take into account our own experiences, what we have learned inside and outside the classroom, and the traditions and cultures of our community.

David (Shara Peters - Cohort 9 Brandeis & Jody Passanisi - Cohort 4 Brandeis) Resources: 13

Unit 2 of 8th grade Jewish studies course

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