Course: 5th Grade English & Language Arts

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Literary units: Lyddie by Katherine Paterson (Laura Rheinheimer - Cohort 8 - Brandeis); Tiger Rising by By Kate DiCamillo (Jamie Faith Woods - Cohort 1 - Brandeis)

Units and Lessons

Tiger Rising - Jamie Faith Woods (Cohort 1 Brandeis) Resources: 3

This is a literary unit for Tiger Rising by By Kate DiCamillo. Big Ideas: BIG IDEAS: Keeping something caged (a life, emotions) has ripple effects in one’s life; A unique connection with a friend can lead to powerful life changes. CONNECTS TO: Class theme of freedom: Concept of treating others with kindness/ adolescent bullying issues. LITERARY CONCEPTS: Foreshadowing, Metaphors, Similes, Symbolism

Lyddie - Laura Rheinheimer (Cohort 8 Brandeis) Resources: 20

Lyddie, by Katherine Paterson. This book takes place during the Industrial Revolution, when a young girl needs to go off to work in a textile factory after the family loses its farm. There, she encounters numerous hardships and struggles with what it means to be free.

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