Course: 5th Grade Social Studies

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Course Description

Units on the Industrial Revolution (Laura Rheinheimer - Cohort 8 Brandeis) and Lyddie (cross-posted with 5th Grade ELA, Laura Rheinheimer - Cohort 8 Brandeis) and summer work (Lauren Sterling)

Units and Lessons

Industrial Revolution (Jamie Faith Woods - Cohort 1 Brandeis) Resources: 2

This is an integrated unit that includes literature, social studies, Jewish studies and math. Children will learn the historical context of the Industrial Revolution with a focus on labor issues. They will read Lyddie, by Katherine Paterson, and learn about current issues relating to labor rights. They will use math to figure out certain computations relating to labor issues. This culminating endeavor asks students to create a project that takes into account all of the issues surrounding manufacturing.

Lyddie (Laura Rheinheimer - Cohort 9 Brandeis) Resources: 20

Lyddie, by Katherine Paterson. This book takes place during the Industrial Revolution, when a young girl needs to go off to work in a textile factory after the family loses its farm. There, she encounters numerous hardships and struggles with what it means to be free.

Summer Work (Lauren Sterling) Resources: 1

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