Course: Copy of 4th Grade Textual Analysis

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Units and Lessons

Unit 1 Pre-reading Resources: 13

This unit includes the foundational steps of TA at fourth grade including pre-reading a text, identifying genre, scanning questions, finding evidence, and answering questions.

Unit 2 Relevant vs. Irrelevant Details Resources: 4

This is a unit focused on defining, evaluating and choosing relevant details versus irrelevant details.

Unit 3 Mini Main Idea Resources: 3

This mini main idea unit folds in the skill of main idea of one paragraph and finding multiple relevant details as supporting evidence.

Unit 4 Written Response to Text Foundation Resources: 10

This unit focuses on practicing finding multiple pieces of evidence, finding a common theme within the evidence, writing one sentence that synthesizes the info in the evidence, choosing and adding strong details with explanations and finally writing a conclusion sentence for a one part WRT.

Unit 6 Character Analysis Resources: 12

This unit uses LASSO - looks like, acts like, says, others say - to analyze how character's feel and their personality traits.

Unit 7 - Listening Passage Foundtation Resources: 5

This unit includes lessons for habits of a good listener, habits of a good note-taker and a rubric for scholars to use to evaluate themselves.

Unit 8 - Extended Essay Foundation Resources: 9

This is an extended unit that develops scholar skills on answering an extended essay with one text. This includes multiple steps from finding evidence, analyzing a question, using a checklist of bullet points and writing a multi- paragraph essay to a literary response question.

Unit 9 - Paired Passage Foundation Resources: 19

This unit focuses on how to apply information from two texts to a literary response question. Included in the unit are lessons on how to write opinion type literary responses.

Unit 13 Poetry Author's Characters Feelings Resources: 13

Unit 14 Evaluative Prompts Resources: 8

Unit 15 Vocabulary Resources: 9

Unit 16 Sequence Graphic Organizers Resources: 12


Course Resources

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