Course: 6th Grade Math

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Course Description

This course covers all of the DC 6th grade math standards. Note: These resources are not directly aligned to the Common Core State Standards.

Units and Lessons

Order of Operations, Exponents, Rounding Resources: 39

This unit reviews rounding from 5th grade and introduces exponents and Order of Operations with whole numbers.

Integers Resources: 60

This unit explores integers on a number line. It also covers integer addition, subtraction and multiplication.

Data Analysis/Statistics Resources: 48

This unit explores measures of central tendency and mode. Students also examine different types of displays of data, especially the stem and leaf plot.

Number Theory Resources: 64

In this unit, students will work to understand factors and multiples of numbers and describe numbers based on these attributes. This unit will prepare students with the number skills necessary for fraction computation.

Fractions, Decimals and Percents (Equivalents and Understandings) Resources: 51

This unit reviews basic fraction concepts and understandings and explores equivalency of fractions, decimals and percents.

FDP Computation (Fraction Computation) Resources: 65

This unit is a mini unit within "Smooth Operator" in which students learn to compute with fractions fluently.

FDP Computation (Decimal Computation) Resources: 28

This unit is a mini unit within "Smooth Operator" in which students learn to compute with decimals fluently.

FDP Computation (Percent Computation) Resources: 35

This unit is a mini unit within "Smooth Operator" in which students learn to compute with percents fluently.

Representing Relationships (Linear Relationships) Resources: 56

In this unit, students explore linear relationships through functions, tables, graphs and equations.

Finding the Unknown (Equations, Expressions and Proportions) Resources: 71

In this unit, students explore solving for the unknown. Students work through understanding how to solve equations and basic proportions. Students also explore evaluating and simplifying fractions.

All About Shapes Resources: 108

This unit reviews geometry and measurement standards. Students explore lines and angles and their measures. They then move to 2-dimensional shape attributes and names and their measures (area, perimeter). From their students explore circles by listing and labeling parts of circles and understanding pi and how that relates to the measures of circumference and area. Lastly, students explore 3D shapes and their attributes and different perspectives and nets. Students use this understanding to explore volume and surface area of rectangular prisms.

Probability Resources: 21

Brief unit exploring probability of single events/simple experiments. Also, reviews the fundamental counting principle.

DC-CAS Review Resources: 22

review of heavily tested standards according to SY09-10 blueprint


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