Course: Elementary Literature

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Course Description

This course will explore a variety of chapter books to enhance the reading skills of students in grades 3 - 6.

Units and Lessons

Lily and Miss Liberty Resources: 50

In this unit, students will explore the history of the Statue of Liberty by reading "Lily and Miss Liberty". Students will read the chapter book, utilize technology, and learn new vocabulary.

Muggie Maggie Resources: 58

This unit revolves around the chapter book, Muggie Maggie, written by Beverly Cleary. Students will be asked to read and interpret the story. Cursive writing is an important part of the story, and it will be addressed throughout the unit. There will also be a brief introduction to alliteration. Students will go through the writing process as they write a letter of advice to the main character as a culminating activity.

Chris Van Allsburg Author Study Resources: 32

In this unit, students will be exposed to a variety of books written and illustrated by author, Chris Van Allsburg. These lessons are written so that they may be taught to the entire class. I have often adapted the books and activities to work in centers. Throughout the unit, it is suggested that a variety of Chris Van Allsburg's books be displayed in the classroom.


Course Resources

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