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Every problem has a solution to it. Cure can better the things and make it look in a different perspective. You must take intimacy related issues seriously as they can ruin your body and can affect your relationships. Problems like these are not to be shy of; you must seek treatment and make things better. Any sort of malfunction or disorder can hinder the functioning of your body. Problems like premature ejaculation, low libido in men, counseling for sexually transmitted diseases, Nocturnal emission, infertility found in men and women, erectile dysfunction and many problems which are considered as a taboo and ignored in today’s time are treated here. P.K Gupta is the best sexologist in Delhi, he is known for his services and his work is been appreciated all times. He has been awarded for this services and he has been very prominent all times. Problems like these must not be ignored and you must seek for treatment from a doctor who is very comfortable and transparent with you, give you a homely treatment and understands all your problems so that you feel secured while getting treated. Dr. P.K Gupta fulfills all the requirements mentioned above and he has a decent experience in this line.

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