Course: Honors Earth and Environmental Science

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Course Description

Class is necessary for graduation. Open to all grades but taken primarily by 9th graders unless failed. "THe learner will will devlop abilities necessary to do and understand scientific inquiry in the earth and environmental sciences."

Units and Lessons

1st/2nd week - Safety and Scientific Method and Landform Mapping Resources: 2

Includes lab safety, precautions, and procedures to maintain a safe and reliable experiment. Learn to properly document and record experimental data, goals, create hypothesis, and draw valid scientific conclusions from collected data.

3rd week - Human Impact on the Lithosphere Resources: 1

Investigate and analyze the importance and impact of the economic development of earth's finite rock, mineral, soil, fossil fuel, and other natural resources in society and our daily lives. - availibility - Recycling - Geographic distribution - Environmental impact - Conservation and stewardship - Challenges/rehabilitation of disturbed land


Course Resources

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