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8th grade life science

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Scientific Method and Characteristics of Living Things Resources: 87

This unit starts off with an introduction to the class and routines/procedures. It introduces the Big Ideas in science at Boston Collegiate Charter School, has a 2 week quick review of the scientific method. It also takes a look at the characteristics of living things before moving into the first full unit of the year.

Cells Resources: 76

This is an 8th grade unit on cells. The unit starts off by defining cells, and looking at how cells interact with their environments through cellular transport. Next, students look at the differences between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells and then study the structures and functions of the organelles in these cells. The unit ends with a comparison of plant and animal cells and a look at how unicellular organisms carry out all life functions with just one cell.

Human Body Systems Resources: 42

Cell Cycle and Division Resources: 40

This unit looks at the cell cycle of the body cell and the steps of cell division for germ cells. It also considers why one type of cell division is sufficient, but two different type are needed for multicellular, sexually reproducing organisms.

Heredity and Genetics Resources: 65

This unit looks at the work of Gregor Mendel and his laws of inheritance, explores why it is that we look like our relatives, relates the processes of meiosis and fertilization to inheritance, and shows how Punnet Squares can be used to predict the inheritance of certain traits.

Evolution Resources: 11


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