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May 13, 2024

A Conversation With Our CEO Matt Kennard

Sit down with CEO Matt Kennard for a conversation about high-quality professional learning, creating equitable classrooms, HQIM, and what makes BetterLesson different....
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Op-ed by Matt Kennard on Teacher Compensation: We Need to Pay Our Teachers More
Matthew Kennard May 8, 2024

We Need to Pay Our Teachers More

Op-ed: Fair teacher compensation is essential for achieving better student outcomes and shaping our collective future....
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Matt Homrich-Knieling May 31, 2024

Sunday Scaries June: Lesson Plans & Strategies for June

Explore these lesson plans for June featuring resources for Father's Day, Juneteenth, fun end-of-year activities, and more!...
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May Lesson Plans
Matt Homrich-Knieling May 3, 2024

Sunday Scaries May: Lesson Plans & Strategies for May

Explore this lesson plans list featuring resources relating to Mother's Day, Memorial Day, Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, and more in May!...
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Two teachers engaged in a discussion on innovative recruitment strategies for K-12 Principals
Matt Homrich-Knieling April 22, 2024

Innovative Recruitment Strategies for K-12 Principals

Gain insights into innovative recruitment strategies to attract and retain high-quality teachers who will help your school thrive....
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Jessica Cameron April 9, 2024

How Data is Reshaping Education

What role does data play in education? In this op-ed, BetterLesson CRO Jessica Cameron discusses how her background and experience has given her a unique perspective on the impact data can have on student outcomes....
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Smiling teacher during teacher appreciation week. Text overlay reads: 'The Best Way to Show Teacher Appreciation is Through Personalized Professional Development'
Matt Homrich-Knieling April 1, 2024

The Best Way to Show Teacher Appreciation is Through Personalized Professional Development

In addition to Teacher Appreciation Week, see how you approach personalized professional development to support teachers year-round....
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april lesson plans sunday scaries
Matt Homrich-Knieling March 28, 2024

Sunday Scaries April: Lesson Plans for April

Explore this list of lesson plans and strategies relating to National Wildlife Week, Earth Day, and National Poetry Month, and more in April!...
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Op-ed featuring Matt Kennard covering The Case for Increased Educational Funding
Matthew Kennard March 22, 2024

The Case for Increased Educational Funding

Recognize that educational funding is not merely a financial decision, but a moral imperative to dismantling barriers to student success....
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