About Jeff
After graduating from Claremont Mckenna College in 2011 with a Bachelor's degree in Biochemistry and a published thesis on the science of chocolate production, I joined Teach for America to share my love of food and chemistry with the students at Alliance Cindy and Bill Simon Technology Academy High School. I infused my AP, Honors, and General Chemistry classes with real-world science that happens every day in the kitchen. Fortunately, I began my teaching career at the beginning of the blended learning era and jumped headfirst into the realm of digital education. Leveraging a variety of high-quality online resources allows me to meet the learning needs of each of my incredible students. Engaging students with complex scientific content means making each topic come to life through media capture, gamified learning, website creation, real-world performance tasks, and social networking. My students design and develop experiments to answer food-themed, guiding questions that I pose at the beginning of each class. After collecting data and recording the process with video cameras for further analysis, my students create digital portfolios to display their results and present their claims. Exemplar work is made available to the public, and I hope that by expanding the capacity with which my students can share their work, I can make the process more meaningful and comprehensive. It is my belief that if our young learners get a chance to interact intimately with the science that permeates the world we live in, then we can create the next generation of innovators, critical thinkers, and problem solvers in our classrooms.