About Daniel
I became a teacher when I joined Teach for America in 2011 after graduating from the University of Connecticut. I was presented with the opportunity to come back and teach in Miami, my hometown. I feel inspired give back to my own community, and driven to make it a better place. I have spent the last four years honing my craft at Holmes Elementary, in Liberty City. The neighborhood has been mired in violence and poverty for some time, but my kids are motivated to change it. These 5th grade students are the strongest people that I know, and have the innate motivation to get better. Teaching them has made me into a better man. Through the years, I've grown as a teacher, and began to value student choice and self-driven activities, especially through technology. Many of my procedures and systems are based on these values. I teach all subjects, and math is a 90 minute block. Every day, my students receive instruction through a whole group setting, flex models, individual and differentiated small groups. This structure has allowed me to be flexible and adapt lessons to fit the content and react to formative data. I am obsessed with branding, and love to keep my lessons high-energy through small lesson segments that allow me to explore as much content as possible. Through targeted intervention and personalized assignments in "Workshop", I feel like the students are always doing something worthwhile and meaningful to them. Here, students can select their activity, which has already been differentiated for them. I feel that this choice has empowered my students to gain insight into how they can manage their own learning. I also place a high emphasis on the use of technology as a tool, not just an online math program, with back channel communication and tracking as essential components.