About Mark
I started teaching by joining Teach for America after graduating from UCLA with a degree in Psychology in 2007. As a founding teacher at Aspire Titan Academy in Los Angeles, I have taught the 2nd and 3rd grades, looping with the same students for two years. As a pilot blended learning teacher at my school, I have witnessed firsthand the transformative power that blended learning has had on all learners of various learning styles and needs. Aspire Titan's model for blended learning is whole school, where all students in K-5 have 90 to 120 minutes of individual computer time daily. My students have had at least three years of blended learning using the rotation model. During rotations, students engage in common core math and reading programs as well as enrichment programs such as a typing program or educational games like BrainPop Jr. I have discovered that as a result of being a blended school, my students are more engaged in purposeful learning since they are driving their own individual learning experiences. As a blended teacher, I have also enjoyed many benefits as well, such as instant feedback, the ability to assess learner performance and needs quickly based on real-time reporting and assessments, and personalizing and differentiating student work much more efficiently and effectively. Finally, blended learning gives my students equitable opportunities to access technology that their more privileged peers have, thus giving them an unprecedented opportunity for educational equity and thereby helping to close the achievement gap.