About Benjamin
I grew up in the Bronx and after graduating from the University of Buffalo in 2006, living on an island in the South Pacific for two years, and earning a Master's degree from Columbia University in 2012, I found myself back in the Bronx teaching high school Geometry at New Visions Charter Schools for the Humanities II. Shortly after I started teaching, I came to the realization that my students were holding themselves to a low standard. Putting numbers and equations on a piece of paper without understanding what they wrote was “good enough” for many of my students. Tired of accepting low quality work and convinced that my students could do better, I decided to move to a Flipped Mastery model to hold students accountable for actual learning. In the Flipped Mastery model, students watch the lessons that have been posted on the class website, answer a set of practice problems to hone their skills, and take a mastery quiz to show they have understood the material when they feel ready. If they pass, they move onto the next lesson. If they fail, they have to do another practice assignment before retrying. Flipped Mastery has moved my students from just "doing math" to engaging in true problem solving and understanding.