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About Ruth
I have the privilege of being the only high school science teacher in my district. I am fortunate to be able to teach the same students throughout their entire high school career. This year, I am teaching Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Physics, Anatomy & Physiology, and Genetics. I love the challenges that this workload presents and enjoy integrating all the disciplines of science with math and statistics so students best understand the process of science. Teaching in a small school can be a joy. This year I have four students in biology, 5 in anatomy & physiology, and 15 in genetics. We are excited to share our great ideas with you. In addition to my teaching at Blue High School, I help train preservice teachers through the NSTA Learning Center as an Online Advisor. I also moderate web seminars for NSTA. When I am not teaching, I enjoy directing the all-school play and coaching Scholars' Bowl. I am also the District II director for the Kansas Junior Academy of Sciences. I help with Boy Scouts and 4-H geology project. I love looking for fossils. I have three children. I spend my free time watching their football, volleyball, and basketball games. During the summer, I catch up on my sleep, swim, camp, and hike. I do not consider it a successful summer unless I get a flip-flop tan line.