About Mariana
I was born and raised in Mexico City. After graduating from Universidad La Salle with a degree in Biochemistry specializing in pharmaceuticals, I worked at some major pharmaceutical firms for over 12 years. When my oldest son started elementary school I started volunteering in his classroom, becoming acquainted with his wonderful principal and teachers who kept saying, "You really should become a teacher." It took a little convincing, before I enrolled in the internship program at San Jose State University. As a full time intern I taught 6th grade self contained for two years, when I jumped at the opportunity of becoming a founding teacher at AdVENTURE (a STEM program from the Oak Grove School District in San Jose, CA). We opened our doors in 2010, teaching 4 grade levels (5th through 8th) using project based learning as our instructional model with an obvious emphasis in STEM education. Being an AdVENTURE teacher has also allowed me to expand my horizons, having had the privilege to teach all our students science, engineering and a video game design elective. Needless to say, it has been an adventure! (