About Johanna
Only after I graduated from UC Berkeley with an English degree, enjoyed a brief creative stint in kids’ media and graduated with a Master’s from Stanford’s Teacher Education Program, did my adventurous and complicated journey with teaching begin. I have been a bona fide tech junkie for years, and using technology to innovate my students’ learning is fundamental to my practice as an English teacher. It is my hope that my students become “Digi-Literatis” and use online tools to become stronger readers, to conduct research, to connect with communities beyond our classroom, and to engage civically through blogging, virtual discussions, and community-focused projects. Teaching through a framework of literary theories also lets my students hone their feminist, Marxist, postcolonial, and psychoanalytic lenses and better enables them to make sense of and evaluate the myriad of print and digital texts to which they are exposed on a daily basis. After 12 years in the classroom, I embrace the messiness that comes with such risk-taking practice, and I am better able to prepare my high schoolers to be college-, career-, and community-ready. I give credit to my own two teenagers and my first-grader for their patience in letting me try out new online tools with them, and I anticipate that my fourth child (still in utero) is coding the app that will bring about world peace.