Dr. Andrea Mills
About Me
About Dr. Andrea
Education is the gateway to any venture in Life! Who Am I? I am a proud product of a retired teacher and public-school administrator. My love for teaching stemmed from the work I did alongside my mother as a teenager. Seeing the intrinsic pleasure that my mom received from working with her students ignited my passion to be an educator. I am entering my 15th year in public education. I have taught Middle School English Language Arts and been a Secondary Instructional Coach for English 9-12. The rewards that I experienced as a classroom teacher was seeing growth in my students. I truly believe that all students can learn. My background in unpacking standards and triangulation of data has led me to reside in my current role of Dean of Students. It is here where I empower teachers to build relationships that foster long-term success with students. I coach, conference, and support teacher matters through my decision-making and problem solving. If we truly believe that kids are our FUTURE, then I will continue to advocate for the well-being of students and embark upon the journey of aiding them in being productive 21st Century Learners and Citizens.